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About Sanstha Siddhi Vinayak

Sanstha Siddhi Vinayak - About us



“Sanstha Siddhi Vinayak” the organization found for social and welfare cause with the blessings of lord Shree Ganesh (Deva siddhivinayak),Journey of “Sanstha Siddhi Vinayak” starts from the year 2012 with the direction and motivational guidance of Maharaja of Dewas “ Shreemant Tuko ji Rao Pawar Saab”



The main motivation of “Sanstha Siddhi Vinayak” is to cheer up the socialism and cultural colours of true India, ”Sanstha” encourages the living spirit of the Special Peoples like “The Guiding Hands Of Old Age Home, The lightning Childerens from Blind schools, Orphan age childerens and many more peoples who needs much more blessings of Lord Siddhi Vinayak.



Although from social causes “Sanstha Siddhi Vinayak” Cheers up the Festive mood of the city in devotional ways from the starting of Ganesh Chturthi Till Ganesh Visarjan. The people from the city dissolves with “Sanstha” towards the worship and encouraging cultural activities organized by “Sanstha”. Every residing people of Dewas secularly united with “Sanstha” and takes a step ahead to create colourfull and brightening atmosphere.



The Festival Starts from the Chatruthi tithi of Hindu month “Bhadrapada”  and ends on Chaturdashi tithi of same month, “Sanstha” makes the ten days of ganeshotsav in magnificent way, with the huge decoration,lightings and the musical ambience which connects the devotees directly to “Deva”, The people when enters to the huge decorative ambience of “Sanstha Siddhi Vinayak” joyfully sings,dances on the rhythm of melodious Bhajans and collect blessings of “Deva Siddhivinayak.”



“Sanstha Siddhi Vinayak” invites you all the respected devotees of “Deva” to join hands in hands with the Mentors,and working team of “Sanstha Siddhvinayak” which continuously works for year to make this festival huge and grand….join us with the high spirits to make it an history…….



May the blessing showers of “Deva Shree Ganesha” always pour your hearts and life with good health and prosperity….   “Jai Shree Siddhi Vinayak….”.